Release Notes

Version 1.0.7108.20014

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Fix PGA, PGV, PGD calculus

Fix Energy Density

Fix Arias Intensity

Version 1.0.7018.37800

Add data table for chart plot

Add Random distribution Shear Modulus

Add new Panel fo calculation Shear Modulus

FIX Contours line node for Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration

Add edit title input

Version 1.0.6848.36069

Fix algorithm speed for discretization

Add discretization of more polyline from DXF

Add cursor in Move node

New selection of layers for DXF file

Add Typy Color plot

Version 1.0.6734.15427

New General config features (Graphics, Calculation, Plots, Charts)

New Print Preview and Print command

Fixed iso-contours in ColorPlot Items

Version 1.0.6637.18632

General Update

Fixed Visual Users Guide

Version 1.0.6607.30749

Fixed high quality in the export image (JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, DXF)

Added "Auto Fix" in Boundary Conditions for to automatically apply constraints on nodes

Added reading of the Arc in DXF import

Added Calculus Natural frequency of model

Fixed Calculus frequency in input signal

Fixed Stress Functions

Version 1.0.6497.22017

Added Darendeli & Stokoe (2001) to generate Curves Soil functions

Version 1.0.6475.14145



Fixed Import DXF with more line

Added Transfer Function in Output record nodes [Picture]

Added Fourier Amplitude Spectrumin Input/Output record nodes

Fixed Undo/Redo in Tools panel

Added Manger Plot

Version 1.0.6398.36513



Added the automatic calculation of the dimension grid when import DXF file [Picture]

Added move node snap on vertex of the dxf file

Added command "DXF import" in menu file

Fixed Undo/Redo in Tools panel

Added Multi-ItemPlot for Chart XY

Version 1.0.6308.31936

Fixed restart analysis

Added more pricision in calculation Check-Run

Added Multi-ItemPlot

Version 1.0.6239.38041

New Visual Installer (if present, uninstall any previous versions)

Fixed export plot in DXF file

Fixed generate new polyline in Tool panel

Version 1.0.6211.33965



New default button in preference for reset setting

Fixed calculus center block

Fixed plot setView in modify block

New in editBlock X-Ratio and Y-Ratio [Picture]

New in dxfexport tension/compression