Release Notes

Version 2.0.8881.16577

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Export all history results

Added Create view

User Defined Data in Plot mený

Fixed UndoRed

Fixed max tolerance

General review

Version 2.0.8774.37588

Added custom percentage of Usid

Fixed import dxf file (import DXF 2013 or higher)

Added Pseudo-Random Distribution

Version 2.0.8629.39484

Revised the Earthquake load file

Corrected the reading of the Earthquake file

Fixed renaming the Earthquake file

Fixed reading SliceLine

Revised the Soil Reduction Curve

General review

Version 2.0.8583.16575

Fixed max value in plot Acc/Vel/Dis

Fixed past curve value

General review

Version 2.0.8540.16724

General review

Version 2.0.8512.22770

General review

Added deletion multiple earthquakes at once

Version 2.0.8405.37197

General review

Fixed Load vertical earthquake

Added Export all History

Fixed Numbering history (reordering)

Added Safe-Mode analysis and include results

Added Delete results

Fixed Darendeli Curve

Version 2.0.8286.33086

Added Paste command in edit External Value

Added View command in edit External Value

Fixed Transfer Function calculation

Added new FFT algorthmic

Fixed FAh calculation with cut input

Fixed Range node move (Absolute)

Fixed FormInfoZone in xCoordinate nodes

Version 2.0.8223.29939

General review

Added Calculation time taken analysis

Added Time Input Mode

Added Vertical Line

Fixed Speed Up Mouseview

Version 2.0.8189.19205

General review

Added new tools algorithms to edit object geometries

Added Draw Group Command: Line, Polyline, Polygon

Added Vertex Group Command: Add, Insert, Delete, Move, Merge

Added Explode Command

Added Intersect Command

Added Join Command

Added Surface Command

Version 2.0.8128.33656

General review

Added new discretization algorithm

Important: Projects saved with this version are not compatible with previous versions

Version 2.0.8047.37707

Fixed Calculate PRN for each Earthquake

Version 2.0.8009.21355

Fixed Calculate average value in Trend Material

Added Calculate PRN for each Earthquake

Fixed Trasparent plot

Version 2.0.7979.31450

Fixed View record Earthquake

Fixed Calculate average value in Trend Material

Fixed Interpolate Vertex Rows/Column

Fixed UndoRedo mark

Version 2.0.7943.27199

Fixed calculate vertical component

Fized delete SoilCurve

Version 2.0.7915.27506

Fixed calculate static stress

Fixed database Soil Curve

Added export input

Fixed baseline correction

Fixed infoZone

Version 2.0.7862.19410

Added record view earthquake

Added import Ascii file slice

Fixed import DXF

Fixed clone materials

Fixed random parameters

Added Newmark's Sliding Block

Version 2.0.7813.34239

General review

Fixed discretize grid

Version 2.0.7767.32354

Added Custom formula wave Vs

Added depth value in custom formula

Fixed centroid calculation

Added Slice lines calculus

Fixed Vs gradient depth

Fixed Order Earthquake list

Version 2.0.7732.22818

Fixed AutoRun in parameters distribution mode

Fixed Earthquake setup

Version 2.0.7715.16530

Fixed sorting accelerazion number in output (RECALCULATION IS RECOMMENDED)

Fixed discretizatin out-side mesh

Added Row and Column command in edit block

Added Isolate zone Command

Added import Spline from DXF Autocad file

Fixed discretization algorithm for very large dimension ratio zones

Version 2.0.7698.16266

Fixed Baseline Correction

Fixed Tools Shape mesh

Added Output History Plot

Added Linear Gradient distribution

Added LogNormal distribution

Fixed error in Info Zone

Fixed error in Cancel Earthquake

Added partial export calculation

Version 2.0.7660.36855

Fixed simulation command

Fixed AutoSave command

Fixed calculation static effective stress

Fixed calculation random Shear Modulus

Added Adjust area

Fixed select Range node

Version 2.0.7631.33776

IMPORTANT: For analysis performed with previous versions, View Data is not recognized and group Line is not activated in Edit chart, the graph must be regenerated.

Added Baseline Correction (Cubic Polynolmial)

Added import External Values

Fixed multi earthquakes loading

Added statistic calculation: Average, Median and Mode

Added max/min and num. of points FFT

Fixed the calculation Fourier transform

Added smoothing (5 bit) in Transfer Function calculation

Fixed the calculation max value FFT to search in Filter Result

Fixed problem in refresh chart title

Version 2.0.7608.31773

New release V2.0

Auto Grid Generation

Adjust Grid



Random Properties

Random Soil Curve

Average Results

Filter Earthquakes

Filter Results