VISUAL-Q4M Installer and Manual

Before installation, make sure you have:

  • Administrator privilege
  • The Framework .NET 4.5 or higher [link and download]
  • C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable Package (x86: vc_redist.x86.exe) [link and download]

Download the Visual-Q4M software, click on the link below, save the installation pack file.msi on your computer and follow the installation instructions.

  • Download Installer file

    This is the main Release of Visual-Q4M in full version for licensed users which have a protection Hardware Key USB.

    The same installation Pack is also available to users who wish to use the "Student" or "Trial" Version.

    If you experience any difficulties with installation or for further assistance, please feel free to contact:

    Step 1

  • Run installer file

    The Windows Installer package is an .msi file that contains explicit instructions about installing and removing the Visual-Q4M applications.

    If present, uninstall any previous versions.

    Start the Install of the software by the package Visual-Q4M and follow the instructions for the installation procedure.

    Step 2

  • Use Visual-Q4M software

    if the installation was successful, on the user's "Start" menu, in the "Programs" folder, a new folder named Visual-Q4M 2022 is created. This folder contains a shortcut for:

    • Visual Q4M
    • Visual Q4M Manual (PDF file)
    • Uninstall

    The hardware key does not need to install any driver thus ensuring a flawless usage.

    Step 3


If Visual-Q4M is started without the hardware key for either a standard license, will appear a message in main legend. When no key is present, the message provides the information to start the program in "Student Mode". This mode is fully functional in every respect, except the program will only cycle models limited to 700 zones. There are no time restrictions in Student Mode. When the model exceeds the number of limit nodes an error message is displayed stating that the parameters and the results are altered and the software works in "Trial mode".

  • Visual Users Guide

  • Pre & Post processor to evaluate the seismic response of soil structures with Quad4M code
Notes And Clarifications

The Visual-Q4M is an independent "Pre & Post Processor" with a Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for evaluating the seismic response of soil structures which uses the calculation Quad4M code . The Quad4M code, in this web and in Users Guide, was mentioned for research purposes only and all information in this regard can be found at this link that it hasn't got no link type or relationship with Visual-Q4M. The Quad4M can be download from this link to use in personal research and study.