Solve problem 1D of Seismic Amplification in VISUAL-Q4M

The following examples are intended to help users become familiar with Visual-Q4M, especially novice users. Users are expected to have general knowledge of Seismic Geotechnical. These examples are intended as a demonstrate of the VisualQ4M and should not be used for engineering design work but for research and teaching purposes only.

For more information, refer to the manual supplied with the software.

Natural Frequency

  • A column of elastic material (single-lithology) resting on a rigid base has natural periods of vibration that depend on the mode of oscillation. The theoretical value for natural frequency of oscillation (f) is ...

    Download VQ4EX1D_01

Resonance frequency (Mono-lithology)

  • The model is a column whit dimension 8.0x1.0 meters and it make of eight (8) regular elements and eighteen (18) nodes of elastic material on a rigid base ...

    Download VQ4EX1D_02

Equivalent Liner Analysis

  • The model is a column with dimension 100x10 meters and it make of thirty(30) elements and sixty-two(62) nodes. The elements have varying heights depending on the thickness of the layer (Height Min=1.0m, Max=10.0m) ...

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