Visual-Q4m - Seismic Analysis

Pre & Post Processor for analysis Quad4m

Pre and Post-Processor for Seismic Response 2D. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) simple and intuitive for analysis Quad4m ( The software is divided into sections of work according to a main sequence to be able to perform a complete dynamic analysis. It has a mesher lean and fast to construct grids of discretization of any shape with the possibility to insert geometry superficial or deep in unlimited number.

Pre and Post Processor for analysis Quad4m

The Visual-Q4M is built in six sections of work:

  • Project - Basic Functions of the software to initialize a work of dynamic analysis Visual-Q4M.

  • Generate Mesh - Generation of the grid discretization simple or complex and all functions to editing geometry.

  • Material - Internal database to manage the dinamic properties of the soils (Density, Vs, Vp, Poisson, Damping, Shear Modulus ecc..).

  • Boundary Conditions - Boundary conditions (x, y, xy or transmitting base) and Dynamic load (x, y or xy).

  • Quad4m Analisys - Calculation of the dinamic model using code Quad4m in backgruond without the use of prompt DOS.

  • Graphics Plot - Graphics results (colormap and linearmap), frequency response spectra (Acceleration, velocity, displacement) Amplification factory, Arias Intensity, Energy Density, Response Spectrum Intensity (Housner), Acceleration Spectrum Intensity (Von Thun) ecc...

Visual-Q4M - DXF Export

Mesh discretization

The Visual-Q4M has a virtual graphics environment for the generation of simple and complex grids. The ends of each block-mesh are identified by movement handles that can be moved arbitrarily by dragging them with the mouse, or relocated in accordance with precise coordinates. Each block can be edited modifying the number of elements and/or the coordinates of the ertices in order to obtain a geometric model with elements of different sizes for modelling the seismo-layers at different speeds of propagation of shear waves (Vs).

Visual-Q4M - Mesh discretization

Discretization mesh for complex Geometry and stratigraphy