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Contour Zones

In the Visual-Q4M, on each vertical of the model, it is possible to see an evolutionary trend of various parameters in depth function. The graphics are possible if an Equivalent linear analysis has been performed because the properties of Shear Modulus and Damping change during the calculation.

    • Shear Reduction vs Cyclic Strain(%)
    • Damping ratio (%) vs Cyclic Strain(%)

The characteristic dynamic parameters (matrix stiffness and matrix damping) are updated progressively using curves of variation parametric as a function of the level of shear deformation of the ground G/G0-γ and D-γ on each element of the grid

For every chart it's possible to select the property the following properties:

  • Shear modulus (initial value in Blue, end value in Red only for non linear analysis)
  • Damping (initial value in Blue, end value in Red only for non linear analysis)
  • Deformation
  • Horizontal Acceleration
  • Vertical Acceleration
  • Stress XX
  • Stress YY
  • Stress XY

It's possible to change the aspect of every output graphic. In the chart:

  • Title: general title of chart
  • Title X/Y: title of axis
  • Show Maximum Value: max value of the curve in general title
  • Log. X/Y: Linear or logarithmic axis and size of text scale
  • Add Shade: shade color
  • Add curve: secondary curve
  • Thickness: thickness of primary or secondary curve
  • Color: color of primary or secondary curve and the shade
  • Style: style Linear, Dot, Dash or DashDot